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Eggesford is a small parish in the rolling Devon hills about mid-way between Exmoor and Dartmoor.
There is no village as such ,dwellings are scattered about , many having originally been connected with the ' big house '.

The lie of the land , the centuries of farming , the activities emanating from the ' big house ' have all combined to make Eggesford and areas surrounding it one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in England .


The name Eggesford is probably derived from someones Saxon name , apparently a common origin of placenames in Devon.
There has been human activity in the area for thousands of years and still a little nowadays.
Notable historic features are the earth works and fort in Heywood Wood , Eggesford house and the site of its older self near the church and the church itself .
To find out more I'd advise buying ' The Lost Houses Of Eggesford ' which is available at Eggesford Garden Centre.
Go the ' Ancestors' page for links to census information and more concerning the people who used to live in Eggesford.
Am working on a list of the ' lost ' houses ( quite a few for such a small parish).


There are people living in Eggesford though we're not always easy to spot .
I'll check the actual figure one day but I estimate 80 - 100 people in all .
The usual ( for these days ) mix of people with well established roots and relative newcomers .
Mostly agricultural in appearance there are though not many people actually employed in farming .

Principal sights / attractions

Eggesford House : The big house on the hill, a romantic plant clad ruin from a distance, it is now partly restored and lived in.
Best ( easily accessible ) view is probably from the path up behind the church .
The house was built in second quarter of the last century and fell into disuse in the 1920's before the recent renovation.
Please note this is a private residence, there is no public access so enjoy the view from afar.

Eggesford Church : A real treat probably C12 , the church holds a surprise in the shape of large monuments to the Chichester and Portsmouth families .Also great views of the valley, surrounding woods and Eggesford House .
Eggesford Gardens : Got to be one of the best situated garden centres in the country . Set on the hill above the river there are great views , nicely laid out shopping area and a really A1 restaurant / tea room . The gardens double up as the local tourist information point with leaflets outlining local walks .
The perfect base for exploring the area .
Taw River : A beautiful stretch of English riverscape straight out of a painting .Though visible from various points access is fairly restricted . One reachable stretch is hidden away in Heywood wood ,a lovely spot on a hot summers day .
Most visitors view will be from the bridge by the station, watching the salmon leap or the strong surge under the bridge when the river's high .

Eggesford Forests : I've probably got the facts wrong but after the Portsmouth estate was broken up ( 1915 ) the Govt acquired parcels of land and began the first tree planting for the new National Forests or Forestry Commission .
Whatever , we now have a cluster of small forests around Eggesford with public access on foot to most of them .

How To Get Here

Road : A377 from Exeter 24 miles or Barnstaple 16 miles . B3042 from Tiverton 16 miles or Winkleigh 5 miles .

Rail : Tarka line Exmouth-Exeter-Barstaple approx 8 trains each direction each day
Foot : A major long distance footpath , the Tarka Trail ends at Eggesford allowing footsore walkers the chance to return to urban realities via the train .
Air : I kid you not , there's an airfield ( grass-strip ) and light planes from all over land here , no regular shuttles yet or charter flights to the Costa del wherever but they've recently built two new hangars so watch this space .
Water : Via the Taw of course , admittedly you'll need a light boat with a shallow draught .
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